Thursday, July 1, 2010

~ I Am So Sorry ~

I am so sorry. I noe I react too much and hurt others around me but family comes first. I just cant stand it when one turn their back on when ones needed the most, no matter how bad ur fren are. On the other side, they are too much to me. Talking bad bout others,even took others pix to humiliate another. Everything that I've told u, doesn't mean I hate you or blame it on you, I still treat you as my friend. I never wanted this things happen to us. As a friend, I will still advising, support behind ur back and try to be there when I be needed. I tried to save our friendship but its getting worse. I did what I had to. As I said before, truth is hurt sumtyms. Its all up to u whether to accept it or not. Wat comes around goes around, think before its too late and it might happen to u anytym. God is fair, we cant never predict wat will happen to us. I noe Im not a gud fren to u and I noe I've been fooling myself to save our frenship and Im so sorry for being too direct and honest wif u. Thanks for being a fren to me eventho im not sure bout the future. But I will still cherish and remembered how gud u used to be to me. I apologize once more.

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