Monday, June 21, 2010

New Life, New Home, New Me

It;s been 3 months I've been staying in my new place...from a working mom to stay-at-home-mom..well, its not bad actually to be a housewife..i learn how to cook and doing some chores at home if i want to..talking bout cooking, i learn some new recipe =) well i have to say, i do fall in love in cooking...but actually, deep inside me, i miss my works so much...the pressure and tense at d office, laughing wif frens, gossips and rumours from clients..i miss tat situation badly...
Being far behind from my hometown and frens, i get to hear a lot of stories from 'em...they do call me once in a while...i miss 'em so muc...but some news may be a bad one..thanks guys! I owe u guys a big time..sumtyms, u call me at the rite moment i need u guys..
I miss my Farish so muc...yesterday, it was his craving to be beside him, kiss n wish him bday as i always do every year..i wanted to go back to my hometown but due to our lack budget, i have to hold till raya celebration...i pray for him every nite and get to know his news from my family...I miss my sister, my mom, my dad, kazen, aunt, nephews and nieces too..and ya...i do feel lonely more craziness from for Qaseh, she do feel boring and lonely, sumtyms i pity her..she cried over for her brother and my fam...but i do send her to pre-school, so tat she met new fren and Alhamdulillah she actually get along wif new peeps well..
But thanks God, i meet new friends and we hang out often...Lepaking till midnite wif my housemate, help 'em to upload some photos, laughing and cooking at midnite...i enjoy tat so muc...thanks guys!

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